UPDATE: Two Veterans, Two Trikes, and One-Tough-Challenge

Two Veterans have chosen to undertake one tough challenge in support of the two charities that have helped them since being discharged from the Army.

Patrick Medhurst-Feeney and Laura Ellis were both medically discharged due to injuries attributable to their service. Patrick and Laura suffer with physical and mental health conditions, that has a huge effect on their daily lives.

After receiving help from both VWD and H4H, the pair got together and decided that they wanted to do something to 'give back' to the charities and came up with the idea of a fundraising challenge. But not any ordinary challenge - they have set themselves the task of cycling from Edinburgh to Exeter on recumbent bikes!

Laura will be using an ICE Trike which uses foot power, and Patrick on his Top End Force 3 hand bike. A whopping 518 miles each on a trike. They have to use a recumbent cycle as their disabilities restrict them from using a normal bicycle.

Setting off on 13th May, they will be completing the challenge in 10 days, stopping at Moffat, Penrith, Lancaster, Widnes, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Thornbury, Shrewsbury and finally Exeter.

With training in full swing, the challenge has brought a renewed sense of purpose for Patrick and Laura - something to aim for - and a sense of achievement that can only be reached by pushing beyond the norm.

All of the technical and administrative arrangements are being organised between the two - with fundraising also being part of their huge list of tasks

You can see their progress by visiting their Facebook page and if you would like to donate they have an online donation page at thetriketour17

Update on the tour – Keep On Peddling

With just over a month to go before Laura and Patrick set off from Edinburgh Castle, on their 10-day journey down the UK.

As previously reported, the pair are doing such a great job with the training, and the fundraising is coming on very well. The pair have kept us continually updated with some fantastic photos uploaded to their social media account on Facebook.

Support has been coming in for the pair, with companies and people donating things to aid the tour. Even the smallest of gestures means so much to the pair.

7Protection generously donated a helmet and gloves for Patrick after his helmet broke. You won’t miss him now when he’s out and about with his neon green helmet.

Waitrose Holsworthy donated 88 Mars Bars to the pair (and crew), and they’re both receiving fantastic support from both the Dogs Wheels Bike Shop in Plymouth, and Soul Cycles in Edinburgh, keeping them both firmly on track.

There has however, been a few spanners in the works with the finishing point having to be changed, and one of the support vans becoming extremely poorly. But problems bring solutions, and great shows of support from the public.

Practical Car and Van Hire in Exeter heard about their problem and have allowed them to use a Luton Van, free of charge, for the duration of the tour. Without these great shows of support the tour wouldn’t be possible.

It’s not just been companies that have been jump on board. The pair have built up a bit of a media following, with BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service), BBC Scotland Radio, Radio Plymouth and South Hams Sports Monthly, to name a few, all reporting on the progress.

The pair continue to peddle on, building up the miles, so that they’re prepared for what’s to come. They’re both itching to start, both looking forward to the challenges that the tour is going to bring.

We’re nearly there now, and it’s without people like Laura and Patrick, doing these challenges, that raise much needed money for the charity, so please donate if you can and show your support.