Magnificent Marsden Group supplies scales for healthcare

Marsden Weighing Group has donated a large veterinary scale to help us fully assess our dogs and the growth of our puppies.

The British scales manufacturer gave the V-250 to help us provide fit and healthy companions to our veterans.

The V-250 veterinary scale is used by veterinary surgeons across the UK and worldwide for assessing the health of dogs and administering treatment, so it was the ideal weighing scale for our needs.

Julie Morrish, Veterans With Dogs, said: “The scale will make a big difference to us for being able to fully assess our dogs for their weight and monitor our growing puppies.

“The scale will be used on an ongoing basis as part of our health checks to monitor each dog placed with veterans.”

Marsden Managing Director, Richard Black, added: “The Marsden V-250 is the ideal weighing scale for weighing large dogs, with its 250kg capacity.

“We recently donated 12 of our scales to Battersea Dogs Home, and we are pleased to be offering our support to another great cause. We’re delighted to see the scale proving a success with the charity, the owners - and the dogs!”

The images below show our seven month old Labrador puppy, Tommy, using the V-250 scale.

In July, Marsden published the result of a survey that suggested more than half of UK pets are overweight, so pet health is at the forefront of our minds.

For more information about the V-250 veterinary scale, click here. Find out more about Marsden Weighing Group here.

We will be using the scales as part of our ongoing health checks in maintaining healthy and happy dogs here at VWD!

Tommy (pictured) was one of the first to try out the scales and we can happily say that at 7 months old, he is at a healthy weight and continuing to grow into a handsome adult dog.