The P.A.L.S. (Partner Animal Life Skills) Programme forms the basis of all our work with dogs.

The residential aspect is just one part of the PALS Programme, which is to provide training and activities to enable veterans to improve their life-skills, build networks and ultimately increase their mental well-being leading to more independent living.

PALS focuses on the partnership between the Veteran and the dog, guided and supported by our own professional trainers and behaviourists.

For those who wish to develop their bond, learning and practising skills that are useful in everyday life, the programme offers fully supported practical education and instruction based on modern-day methods and training techniques.

The PALS programme includes choices of group activities, individual tuition, and also workshops, seminars and residential activities.

Our residential activities, as part of the PALS Programme*, are based near Newton Abbot in Devon, providing full accommodation and catering at a venue that offers a safe and welcoming environment. The dog stays with you at all times.

The PALS programme includes residential training as part of the development process, and is intended to improve the bond you have with your dog, to help gain experience of handling and working with a dog.

You are expected to want to learn, and improve or develop your skills further toward becoming a working partnership.

You learn and practise together as a team, with instruction and guidance from our trainers.

Please note:

*We are unable to provide residential activities for respite purposes only. Residential stays are part of the PALS Programme for Assistance Dog Training.