VETERANS WITH DOGS is the first UK registered Charity to directly address the needs of mental health difficulties for current and former service personnel of the British Armed Forces.

We train and provide very specialised assistance dogs for "invisible injuries".

VETERANS WITH DOGS was founded with the specific intention of training fully accredited - and recognised - assistance dogs to help mitigate the symptoms of mental health difficulties for our veterans and active-duty service members.

We recognised the need to establish a cohesive programme of training as there was no other organisation in the UK providing dogs specifically for mental health disabilities resulting from military service.. The task was a huge undertaking but seeing how veterans and their families suffer is a heart-breaking experience and only strengthens our resolve to do 'something' to help.

More veterans are dying from suicides as a result of the impact of the psychological and emotional trauma than have been killed in conflict. The divorce rate, number who are now in prison or homeless, and the impact these issues are having on their children of our veterans are shocking. Many have severed relationships, are afraid to leave their homes, get little sleep due to recurring nightmares, and are emotionally numb.

Our PALS Programme to train and provide assistance dogs for mental health is just one adjunct to treatment that is having a profound effect on helping Veterans to increase their quality of life and regain independence.


'To support former members of the British Armed Forces, whose psychological or physical well-being may have suffered due to difficult past experiences and challenging life circumstances, via engagement with dogs.'

(A Veteran is defined by the Government as any person of any age who has served in the British Armed Forces).


"To improve quality of life for Veterans through the companionship of dogs by providing training, education and support services including, but not limited to, Assistance Dogs, companion animals and pets.”


VWD recognises the therapeutic bond that exists between Veterans and their dogs, as social support, providing non-judgemental companionship and enhancing quality of life.

Veterans' health and well-being, and that of their dogs, can be promoted through engagement in ownership activities, via participation, and in a network of strong mutual support.

The quality of Veterans' lives, and that of their dogs, is central to what the charity stands for.

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