There are some main areas of our lives that we need to continually adjust so that we can find some kind of life balance. It is impossible to timetable the whole of our lives to try and fit in these needs. We naturally ebb and flow having to shift our priorities and we easily forget that central to all of the pressure we face, are our own needs.

Emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical needs all need focus.

Make some time for yourself

Remove the notion that other people take priority. They don't, you do. Allow yourself some quality time to do the things you enjoy, free of the constraints of pleasing others

Care for your body

Eat meals and eat well



Give yourself a break

Stop the pressure. The relentless pressure that we place on ourselves to do better, do more, and achieve the unachievable, forever endlessly chasing goals that are quite simply beyond us. We pressurise ourselves more than anyone else does to us, and this can be an unhealthy way of life in the longer term

Ring fence important things

Making sure that the activities we enjoy are given priority over the work schedule, and this means family, friends and hobbies

Take a change in direction

Instead of the everyday norm, try doing something that breaks the cycle. Try an alternative way of doing things and inject some adventure into life. This can be work related or in your personal life. Doing something out of the ordinary and breaking the mold can make a refreshing change

Stillness and calm

Having some quiet time once a day. And it only needs to be for a few moments, just to clear your mind and ground yourself. Let everything fade away for a few precious moments

Enjoy what means most

Whether it is time with family or friends, or a hobby. 'Allowing' yourself to enjoy something is extremely rewarding and generates a feel good factor that is difficult to force on someone. The important part is "allowing" yourself to just enjoy what means most