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The UK's first charity organisation training Assistance Dogs for British ex-servicemen and women with service-related mental health conditions.*

"Helping LEAD Independent Lives"

The PALS (Partner Animal Life Skills) Programme is designed to increase independence and improve quality of life for current and former serving members of the Armed Forces with "invisible injuries".

The training of each assistance dog is tailored to the individual person based on their own specific needs.

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Veterans' Mental Health
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Assistance Dogs for Invisible Injuries
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We never endorse a dog as a solution to mental health difficulties, but ONLY as a valid aid to recovery - in conjunction with a relevant treatment or care plan.

The dogs on our programme are not for convenience purposes, they are trained specifically for the needs of an individual with a mental health disability.

Training dogs for people living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) requires very specialist knowledge and skills - in both the trainer and for the dog.

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